Weipa 味霸 Japanese Seasoning 250g

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★日本原裝進口 Imported From Japan
★知名日本大廠-廣記商行 Manufactured by Kouki-Shoko.co.ltd.
Kouki Shoko Weipa is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice (or chahan) and other stir-fried foods.
Weipa means "king of taste" and contains fresh vegetables, beef tallow, chicken and pork extracts and other spices that adds a rich taste and aroma to any dish.
Weipa is a versatile Chinese stock used as seasoning for many Chinese dishes and Japanese style Chinese foods such as fried rice, gyoza or soups.


傳說可以將清水變雞湯,讓炒菜、煮飯變好吃的的萬用調味神器- 味霸,這款調味料在日本可說是家家戶戶的冰箱都會有一瓶,而發明「味霸」的人,其實是一位名叫「鮑日明」的日本華僑,在1963神戶的唐人街開始販售,人氣逐漸向外擴散,在瓶蓋上就有他的長像,本產品主要是以豚骨、雞骨精煉而成的原汁,然後加入多種蔬菜及其它天然辛香料濃縮而成,可適用於任何的湯頭,也可以用來煎、煮、炒、烹、滷、炸、燉等中華料理,也可用於日式料理。即使用來拌飯,也是好吃的



Format: Can
Contents: 250g
Made in: Japan