Vegan Weipa 250g

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Vegan(ヴィーガン) 味覇(ウェイパァー)

Vegan Weipa 250g

Vegan Weipa is certified by the UK Vegan Society and made with ingredients such as vegetable-derived amino acids, corn, wheat, and soybeans. 

Vegan Weipa goes well not only with Chinese food, but also with Japanese and Western food.
“A universal seasoning that successfully reproduces the 'deliciousness, convenience, and versatility' of red Weipa, which uses chicken and pork extracts, and blue seafood Weipa, which condenses the umami of seafood, without using animal ingredients.


Ingredients: Edible vegetable oil (domestic palm oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil), salt, protein hydrolyzate, powdered sugar, yeast extract, wheat flour, flavor oil, spice/emulsifier, antioxidant, wheat in part, Contains sesame, soybeans and rice

Nutritional: Calories 441kcal, Proteins 6.9g, Fat 39.1g, Carbohydrates15.8 g, Salt
equivalent 35.6g/Per 100g


Format: Can
Contents: 250g
Made in: Japan

✅No chemical seasoning
✅First paste seasoning in the world to be certified by the Vegan Society of Great Britain as vegan