Seafood Weipa 海鮮味霸 250g

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廣記 海鮮ウェイパー250g

Seafood Weipa 250g

Seafood Weipa is a popular Japanese seasoning for enriching soups, fried rice, noodles and other stir-fried food. Directions: Soup - put 5g - 10g Seafood Weipa into 600ml boiling water. Stir-frying - dissolve 5g Seafood Weipa into water, fry with ingredients.


Seafood Weipa is a seasoning with plenty of seafood flavor, including clams, kelp, oyster, based on fresh shrimp head extract. It can be applied to any soup, but it can also be used to fry, cook, marine, stew, japanese and chinese foods.


Format: Can
Contents: 250g
Made in: Japan