This amazing Weipa recipe tastes every bit like fried rice without frying rice


This amazing Weipa recipe tastes every bit like fried rice without frying rice


For the uninitiated, Weipa is a fried rice condiment that is popular in the Japanese interpretation of Chinese food. Even if you’re not in Japan or China, you’re sure to be able to track this down in a Chinese supermarket near you. Weipa is used to add flavor to the Chinese fried rice that has become a staple in Japan’s Chinese cuisine – and believe us when we say it’s delicious.

To introduce everyone to the wonder of Weipa, we have a super simple recipe that involves mostly just rice, with results so amazing you wouldn’t be able to stop!


While it might seem like we overloaded on the Weipa, when you take a whiff of the delicious steamy rice and rich flavor, you’ll understand why. Even without adding any meat, the ‘fried rice’ tastes like everything we expected it to be and more!

How to make Weipa Rice


  • 2 Cups of Rice
  • 1 Tablespoon of Weipa
  • 1/2~1 Stalk of Leek
  • Ginger (optional)


  • Slice the ginger and cut the leek into whatever size you prefer.
  • Wash the rice, add the usual amount of water (check your rice’s cooking instructions!) and put all the ingredients into the rice cooker with it.
  • Switch on the rice cooker, cook as normal and wait for magic to happen!

▼ It seems like a lot of Weipa is going into this…


▼ It doesn’t look appetizing yet, but just you wait!


▼ The aroma! The rich flavors! Top it off with another spoonful of Weipa to taste.


On top of the basic recipe, we also have an evolved version that brings Weipa rice to a whole new level with just a few additional ingredients.

▼ The secret ingredient: sesame oil


▼ You can never go wrong with egg over rice…


▼ Voila!


With Weipa, you can make fantastic Chinese food with just rice and leftover vegetables, and still feast like a king (or should we say, emperor?) on a cold winter day with this super simple rice cooker Weipa rice recipe. Time to run to your nearest supermarket to get yourself a can of Weipa!

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