Taiwanese Tofu in Thick Sauce with Spinach and Whitebait 台式豆腐濃湯配菠菜和銀魚

Taiwanese Tofu in Thick Sauce with Spinach and Whitebait


Tofu easily crumbles, so drain well first. I used spinach, but other greens such as mizuna leaves or bean shoots can be substituted.
The whitebait and spinach are already salted, so taste before adding more seasoning.


Recipe by Mizorecchifan.

Ingredients 配料

  1. 1 block Tofu 1塊 嫩豆腐
  2. 1 bunch Spinach 1束 菠菜
  3. 1 packet Dry Whitebait 1小包銀魚
  4. 1 small packet Imitation crab sticks 1包仿蟹肉
  5. 1 Grated garlic 1個 蒜末
  6. Seasonings
  7. 1 dash ★Weipa 5g 味霸
  8. 1 pinch ★Black pepper 少量黑胡椒
  9. 1 tsp ★Sugar 1茶匙 糖
  10. 1 tbsp ★Cooking sake 1湯匙 清酒
  11. 400 ml Water 400毫升水
  12. 1 Potato starch flour dissolved in water - thickening agent 馬鈴薯澱粉
  13. 1 dash Sesame oil (to taste) 少量麻油


  1. 1. Cut the spinach and tofu into bite sizes. Shred the crab sticks.


  2. 2. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the grated garlic.


  3. 3. When the garlic becomes aromatic, add the spinach and fry.


  4. 4. Cook until the spinach wilts, add the tofu, dry whitebait, crab sticks and the ★Weipa seasonings. Simmer for a while.


  5. Stir in the potato starch slurry to thicken the sauce, taking care not to form lumps. Turn off the heat and swirl in sesame oil. Serve.